Day 2 - November 12, 2020

Every conference day consists of three presentation blocks, followed by a keynote talk in the evening. Times are Central European Time (CET).

1.00 pmWelcome
Paul Hünermund, Jermain Kaminski, Carla Schmitt, Beyers Louw
Copenhagen Business School, Maastricht University
1.10 pmTargeting fundraising gifts: A causal AI approach (Slides)
Tobias Cagala, Ulrich Glogowsky, Johannes Rincke, Anthony Strittmatter
University of St. Gallen, Center for Research in Economics and Statistics
1.30 pmChallenges in causal data science at the enterprise (Slides)
Ohad Levinkron
1.50 pmValidating treatment effects estimated from observational data: a two- step approach (Slides)](CDSM20_Lingjie_Shen.pdf)
Lingjie Shen, Erick Visser, Felice van Erning, Gijs Geleijnse, Maurits Kaptein
Tilburg University, Department of Methodology and Statistics
2.10 pmCausality in data science education (Slides)
Karsten Lübke, Matthias Gehrke, Jörg Horst, Gero Szepannek
FOM University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Empirical Research and Statistics
2.30 pm– Break –
3.00 pmEstimating the earnings and employment effects of the minimum wage through differences in exposure across US counties (Slides)
Jesse Wursten
KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business
3.20 pmDynamical systems theory for causal inference with application to synthetic control methods
Yi Ding, Panos Toulis
University of Chicago, Department of Computer Science
3.40 pmAlgebraic ground truth inference for counterfactual assumptions
Andres Corrada-Emmanuel, Aditya Chaganti, Edward Pantridge, Edward Zahrebelski, Simeon Simeonov
4.00 pmCausal Inference with nonclassical measurement error in the dependent variable (Slides)
Daniel Millimet
Southern Methodist University, Department of Economics
4.20 pm– Break –
4.40 pmmr_uplift: Machine learning Uplift package (Slides)
Sam Weiss
5.00 pmCounterfactual demand predictions: Deep learning with microeconomic theory
Dong Soo Kim, Chul Kim, Mingyu (Max) Joo, Hai Che
University of California, Riverside, School of Business
5.20 pmAn omitted variable bias framework for sensitivity analysis of instrumental variables
Carlos Cinelli, Chad Hazlett
University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Statistics
5.40 pmLatent stratification for advertising experiments
Ron Berman, Elea McDonnell Feit
University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Department of Marketing
6.00 pm– Break –
6.30 pmKeynote
Elias Bareinboim
Columbia University, Department of Computer Science
8.00 pm– Outro –

Affiliations correspond to the respective presenting author.